Thursday, March 29, 2007

Update on the Accreditation

Well, our paperwork has been over there for 4 MONTHS now!!!! We can't believe it. Time is flying!!

We just got an update on the accreditation and thought we would share it with you all. Please keep us in your prayers.....God's timing continues to be perfect!

Accreditation Update
Finally, some news. Currently, all agencies accreditation documents are being held up by the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice reviewed the documents and asked for all agencies to submit a copy of their state laws verifying the child’s rights after the adoption is completed. We have completed this document and forwarded today to Moscow. Once this document is sent to the Ministry of Justice, they have 2 months to respond to the Ministry of Education. However, the Ministry of Education is pushing the Ministry of Justice to make their decision as quickly as possible as they had hoped to be done with the accreditation process by now. The Ministry of Education must have positive responses from four Ministries. They have already received three and are now just waiting on the Ministry of Justice. Once they have this response, the MOE state that accreditation will happen swiftly.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Please Pray for Russia's Accreditation

Coby and I have just been informed about the accreditation for Russia and that it has not been signed yet. Basically what is happening is that Russia must sign off on this form before any adoptions are final. A Family can still get a referral and go and meet there child, and even set up a court date, but can not bring their child home yet. Here is a posting from CHI dated March 2nd. Coby and I know that God's timing is perfect and we are drawing strength from this. Please pray that this accreditation is signed and that adoptions can continue in Russia as soon as possible.

(Posted by CHI on March 2, 2007)-"Accreditation: At this time, no international agencies have received their new accreditation. Everyone continues to wait. According to our sources and conversations with other agencies, this does not mean Russia is opposed to international adoption. Actually, just the opposite is true. The government officials realize international adoption is necessary to solve the overwhelming problems of children without families. What we have heard is that the combination of the new staff from November with the Federal Ministry of Education and the importance of this decision about accreditation prompted them to take their time and be very thorough with the paperwork before issuing the licenses. They have not issued any timelines as to when it may happen, which means that it could happen any day or it could be another month. At this time, our regions continue to work with each regional Ministry to continue the adoption process for families. Many regions have been successful in this, while some regions wait for a response and continue negotiations. We ask that families be as patient as possible during this time. Any new factual information that we receive will immediately be passed on to our families. "

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our New Address!

We close on our new house this Wednesday (March 20th)!! Just to let you know our new address is: 275 Remington Ave., Gallatin, TN 37066

Let us know when you are intown or in the area, and we would love for you to stop in!!!