Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to the ER....

OK...I know that this blog needs to be about our road to our baby....but I guess you can call this a speed bump on the way...
We were back in the ER Monday night when we returned home from Chicago just that morning! After our excitement of Sunday night in Chicago in the ER. Coby thought we needed to see the Hendersonville ER on Monday night (that is a joke...). He ended up driving himself to the ER because he was having a hard time breathing and the itching was coming back. So as he was there they said that they needed to inject him with EPI and another steroid. Well.....I won't go into the details of everything....but Coby opted to pass on both of those and they gave him a few prescriptions...and he left. Well....around 10:30pm, I am woken up to Coby saying that he is not breathing too well and that the bumps on his body are coming back and he wants to go back to the ER. (yup.....3 times to the ER in less then 48 hours) So we get there and the Dr. looks at Coby and says, "I thought you might be back...just not so soon." So they give Coby the EPI shot and hook him up to an IV and give him Valium, a steroid and Benedryll. In about 10min, he was out! Sleeping and snoring in the ER!

Well, we have made an apt. with an allergy Dr. next week to see what is causing all of this. I can't wait to see what it is. We have a few ideas....but will know for sure when we see the Dr. As some of you have said, we do not want this to happen in Russia! Or at least if it does, we need to know what he is allergic to so we can try and stay away from it.

Coby is doing much better today. Please continue to pray for him and God's will in His life! :-) Besides that excitement of visiting the ER....there is no news on the home front! Love to all! Brandy

Monday, August 27, 2007

9 months and going strong!!

Well, If I was giving birth to our child...this would be my due date. Today is 9 months....but we are still pushing, or I should say waiting patiently. If good things come to those who wait...I can't wait to see this wonderful child we will be given.....maybe he will be made of gold!

Anyway...Coby and I just got back from a weekend in Chicago! Coby was asked to produce the post game show for the 49ers and Bears game. The FOX station that he worked for in San Fransisco asked him to come out and work this game and of course he said yes. And of course I went and shopped!!! The weather was beautiful and it was a great weekend! Coby's mom just happened to be there visiting a friend she had not seen in over 20 years. She knew Coby' s mom from Israel. The 3 of us ended up shopping down Michigan Ave. and it was wonderful!!

Although, we had a bit of a situation......Coby had an allergic reaction to something while we were there and we ended up in the ER last night. He had huge welts ALL over his body and he couldn't stop itching and we tried a few over the counter things....and it just seamed to get worse! So we went to the ER and he got some Benedryl and steroids to stop the welts and it really seamed to help a lot! We think there was something in the hotel bed...or sheets that set him off. After we got back to the hotel last night.. we had Giradano's pizza (the best deep dish pizza...EVER) he had another reaction at 3am. This time his tong was swelling up. So he popped some Benedryl and he was good to go. So that was a lot of fun. He is much better now and the Dr. said he should be fine in a few days. Thank goodness we weren't in Russia and had a situation like this.

Well, my first few days home have been house is so clean!! And of course Pebbles, Bambam, Trot and Ashland Kitty are all happy as well!Love to all!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Neil Hollis Ginsberg........

So there it is! That is the name that we have picked for our baby. I was able to call my Grandfather last night and talk to him and tell him that we are using his name!
Neil was Coby's father's name. His father passed away when Coby was only 3 years old. Hollis is my grandfathers name. He is still alive and kicking strong!

What a wonderful memory I will always have when I told my grandfather we were going to use his name. I had called my grandmother and was talking to her for about 30 min. (those of you who are family know what I mean about talking to grandma.) She is in her 80's and can carry on a conversation with anyone, anywhere about anything.....she has the mind of a 30 year old! So she put me on speaker phone and I told them both the name, and then grandma says, "what did you say?" so I said it again and again, they didn't understand I said it a 3rd time and my grandfather said, " h.o.l.l.i.s?" My reply was, "Yes Grandpa, like your name, Hollis."

So my grandmother's laughter was the only thing I heard and then she said, "honey, your grandpa can't talk right now, you got him all choked up." And then I heard my grandmother say, "Grandpa (she calls him that), you have tears in your eyes, oh honey don't cry." And then for the next 10 min. I didn't hear a word from my grandfather.....he was that happy! My grandma then went on to describe to me what grandpa was doing. She said he was smiling and had tears, and was so happy and she said that Neil Hollis was a wonderful name! My Grandfather is such a strong man with such a sincere soft heart.

Finally she told Grandpa to say something to me and she left the room because she had company that just arrived. So grandpa got on the phone and said, "I am so honored that you chose my name." I could hear him choke up again and I told him that the reason I wanted to use Hollis was because he is one of the most God fearing man that I know. His love for Christ is what leads his life. My grandfather has such a wonderful life story and such a servants heart for our Lord. The best way that I can explain it is how Paul explains it in Romans by saying that he is a "bond servant" of Christ. He said that he 'willingly" serves His Lord. That is my grandfather.....he willingly serves Christ and his family and that is how I have always know him to be. I told my grandpa that our son will hold such a solid name of his grandfather and great grandfather. He told me he loved me and couldn't wait to see our baby. How perfectly he put it........we are all waiting to see our baby!

What joy that brought to Coby and I knowing that our son will bring such joy to our family and friends. Coby and I can't wait to be parents....but we also can't wait to share our son with all of you! He will truly be a gift! We have to travel across the world to get him, but once we receive him.....what a joy that will bring! "Praise God from whom all blessings come!"

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

WE ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick blog update......we just got notice that the 2 families that were ahead of us just received referals...therefore.......Coby and I are NUMBER ONE in line!!!! Thanks be to God for His timing is perfect!

Sorry this is short...will update again very soon! May this bring joy to all y'all!