Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Year Ago

It dawned on me today as I looked out the window and saw TONS of SNOW coming down and the air is FREEZING that this day reminded me of something.......

So I quickly ran upstairs and looked at our blog from a year ago and there it was.....the day we met our son Neil. Of course Nashville would be freezing yesterday and today snow off and on all day. Do you think God was allowing me to remember something?? Maybe??

Actually, it was last year, yesterday that Coby and I were introduced to our "pretty" son. Remember that? The Dr. telling us that the orphanage helpers called Neil the pretty boy because....well....he was. Pretty that is. We played with him and held him and watched him try to walk and hold our hand for help just to get up.

Now, today he holds our hand and drags us all over the house. Seems that he can't go anywhere without Mama or Dada's hand holding his.

Time does pass by quickly and this past year has been no exception. Just in the past year, we went to Russia twice and brought home our son and now we are getting ready to celebrate his first birthday with us as he turns two!! Just one day after Coby and I celebrate (and I mean CELEBRATE!!!) our 10 years of marriage. that time has passed by FAST!

We are doing great and we are loving Neil more and more every day and starting to think.....maybe again?? Is it in us to do this all over again? Who knows, only God and HE and He alone would have to open that door and push us through if we were given the green light.

We have an exciting week ahead with both Grandma's visiting for Neil's 2nd birthday! We can't wait and we know it will be very exciting and fun. Coby is still coaching baseball at school and it keeps him very busy and us as well. We have made all but one of the games and it's been fun. Neil loves it! I am staying busy with my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and Neil, and the dogs and the cat and the moms out there understand!

So basically we are well and just enjoying our parenthood and awaiting the next adventure that the Lord calls us to.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our little Slugger

Coby is one of the Assistant Coaches for the boys baseball team at the high school he is teaching at. And LOVING it!!! Before the season started, they went out and got the field ready for the season and of course Neil went and had a great time. We can't figure out..lefty or righty?? Obviously Dada says, lefty!