Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is what Coby thinks is funny...

Coby thought it would be funny to put the mullet on Pebbles and Neil. Neil thought it was great...Pebbles, not so much.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A year ago...

Coby and I were thinking this past weekend where we were a year ago and what was going on in our lives. A year ago, Saturday was the day we got the call about our first little boy, Andrei and that he was sick with AIDS. Coby and I couldn't believe that it has already been a year.
The last update we heard about him was in August. He is still living in the Baby Home that he was in...the same one as Neil. He was actually in the hospital because he was ill the days that we were there to pick up Neil.

Coby and I think about Andrei off and on and his picture is still front and center on our frig at home. When I look at it, I smile. Knowing how sweet and happy he was and that because of him...we have our Neil. Not to take one ounce of credit from the Lord...but due to the circumstances of his illness, we were given Neil.

I pulled out our Christmas decorations this week and found a family picture with Andrei in it and we put it up just to remember him.

Isn't is beautiful to think that a year ago sitting in our agencies office and hearing this awful news, God was holding Coby and I whispering to us so softly..."just wait, I have something else in store for you, trust me."

That was a hard day..but a great day! I will always remember what my good friend Pat told me that day a year ago. She told me, "When we are in our lowest moments, it could be God's finest moment."

And it was! He opened to door to our Neil!

When is Santa coming.......??

All this waiting is killing me!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree Shopping

Pebbles and Neil...he thinks he has to feed the dogs

Yes.....Neil has tasted the dog food a few times

Neil feeding Trot

Everyone eating from the same bowl

Picking out the Christmas tree
Putting the lights on
Helping Daddy

Neil tree and Mommy
Neil tree and Daddy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome Natalia Bella!!!

Well, I just got a call from my older brother to tell me that I am an aunt...again! They did not tell anyone the sex of the baby nor did they know before the birth.

Well, around 2:58pm California time, little Natalia Bella Hebner was welcomed into the world! She was 9lbs, 7oz...lots of dark hair and my sister in law Lucy and baby are doing well!!!

The exciting thing about this is tomorrow is my brother and my grandmothers birthday!

Congratulations Dean, Lucy, Ben and Olivia for the new addition to the family! God continues his blessings on your family!!!!