Monday, May 25, 2009

A Pool, A Diving Board, A Lid, A Bus and A Monkey

Neil's FIRST time in a pool. We knew that he would love it because he sticks his head under the water and lays down in his bath. He was sooooooo excited and ran right out to the pool and wanted to get in. I had to take this picture quickly because he was running so fast!

Then he got in with Dada and he was a little more reserved. His smile turned into a look of...ok..this is a little colder then the tub and a bit bigger.....but he still thought he could handle it!

Then he realized Mama wasn't in there with him and cried for of course I went in and he stopped the tears and was having a great time!

We would tell him to "kick" his legs and he had no idea what we were saying. He was as stiff as a board! But still enjoying it! But then Mr. Jonny decided to jump off the diving board and Neil saw that and wasted no time. He wanted out of the pool and we all yelled "WALK!!" the diving board and.....

Climbed up on it and walked to the end and was DETERMINED to jump!

After a few seconds he realized how high he was and laid down to get a little closer to the water

Took a good look over the edge...

Dada gave him a kiss for encouragement....

He put his toes to the edge and started bouncing...he sooo wanted to jump!
He was getting sooo excited and Dada was trying to get him to do it. He just kept jumping and laughing and wanting in so bad...but we all know that looking from the bottom up it doesn't look that bad. But once we are on's a lot further down!
So Mr Jonny got out and helped him down to Dada!!!
And then Mr. Michael helped him and we did this all day! He was in the pool for almost 3 hours!!
What do you get when you add a 2 year old + a plastic lid + a lint slot in a dryer = 2 days of trying to get the stupid lid out of the dryer fan with a hanger and pliers. Yup..our 2 year old thought it would be fun (fun for him) to put a lid in the dryer lint slot and see where it would go. I was taking the clothes out and noticed a lid on the floor. I put the clothes in the other room, came back and noticed my 2 year old looking in the dryer lint slot and no lid on the floor. I asked Neil where the lid went and he pushed open the slot and pointed with his oh so cute finger into it. So I took him out of the room and asked him again where the lid went. I guess I was thinking if I took him out of the room, maybe he would point somewhere else, or say he didn't know. But he took my hand, walked me right back into the laundry room, pushed open the dryer vent and pointed. He looked up at me like, I already told you this, but I guess I have to repeat myself. So I turned the dryer on and within 10 min, I heard the evidence! A loud noise and a funny smell.
So Coby and I spent 2 days (4 hours each day) digging this lid out and we got it. Did I also mention that the cat litter box is in that room and it was a very small room and the floor was very put it nicely. But, we got it out and the dryer is all good!
Thought this might amaze you.....can you see the BUS in the picture? I'll help you out a's yellow and it's way way up there. Well, Neil is amazed with yellow school buses. We go outside every day (OK maybe every other day) at 3:15 and watch the school bus drive down our street. He LOVES them!! He can spot them out anywhere. Well, as I was driving Neil started to yell "BUS" and wouldn't stop. So because he has amazing eyes, I grabbed my camera and just snapped this picture and thought when I brought it home, I would see if he really saw the bus. I kid you not, he can find the "needle (bus) in the haystack." So as I was looking at this picture..there is was..the bus. Well, we just saved some money on a visit to the eye Dr. to see if his eyes are OK...I think they're GREAT! (click on the picture to make it big, and you'll see the bus) the Monkey. This might look like an innocent picture of a cute little boy in his crib. But! This baby cage that is leaning on his book shelf was in front of his door and Neil was in our room with us just 2 min. prior. We DID NOT move the cage and we DID NOT put Neil in his bed. So does anyone want to suggest how my 2 year old (monkey) did this?? Let me also add, Coby and I had no idea he had even left our room. Neil had no scratches on him, no tears in his eyes and got in his bed in less then 2 min. Oh yes Grandma (my mother thinks this) he does have "circus blood" in him! He somehow moved the cage, got in his bed and finished with a smile! He is a performer!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well, I know I haven't written much since Neil has been home. I think sometimes I can express joy and excitement through pictures a little better!

But I thought I might just share with you something great that has been going on with Neil and I. As you all know....attachment sometimes can be an issue with adopted children. Most children enter their forever family and are not sure how to express their emotion of love and joy in reference to attachment. Usually they kind of just go with the flow and are not sure of their mama and Dada's hugs and kisses. They like them..but are not sure what they are and the fact that love is attached to them, can mean very little.

Coby and I have been BLESSED and a I mean blessed that Neil came to our family with inner joy and love. I know it's because God put it in him! It was always my prayer from the very first moment we thought to adopt, my prayer was that God would place JOY in Neil's heart and soul. If you have meet him, you will know that is what flows out of him.

Just last week at BSF, Neil's teacher told me after class that Neil giggles all the time. Whenever they do an activity, he giggles through it. She asked if he is always like this and I told her, "from day ONE!" He is very active, but JOY seams to just bounce out of him. I am grateful to God for installing that in him from a very young age.

Well, as far as attachment, Neil has been fine. He loved Coby from day one and showed it and as for me...I have always been content with his affections that he returns to me.

But last Tuesday (a week ago before all the rain), something happened that I didn't even realize was something I needed. I believe God knows my inner thoughts and my heart without even at times asking or praying for it. Sometime He just gives it. And He did!

I was cutting the lawn in the back yard and Neil was pushing his car alongside the mower pretending to be cutting the grass too. Well, I ended up going all the way to the end of the row, and he got stuck at the start of it. I turned around and saw him standing there crying his eyes out...of course I couldn't hear him due to the lawnmower....but I could see it all over his face. I turned the mower off and went to him and realized he was fine, but his car was stuck in a hole and he couldn't push it and was upset about it. So as EVERY 2 year old does, he expressed it in tears.

I reach down pick him up and he immediately laid his head on my shoulder, put his arms around my neck and wrapped his legs around my waist. He held on so tight and continued to cry and speak in rubbish through his tears telling me what happened. I just said, "I'm sorry" and "I know" and "that was frustrating, right?" and he just kept saying, "ya."

About a min went by and I went to put him down because his tears stopped and I asked him if he was all better? And he said, "NO" and tightened his grip.

OK.....that's never happened. He is usually quick to recover and quick to run away and go back to playing, but this time, he said no.

So I stood in the back yard up against the fence that backs up to the farm and pond behind us and held him for 20 min!

Usually there are cows around and I could point to them and that would distract him, but the cows were not out today. No neighbors were out, just Neil and I, the sunshine, cool breeze and God.

We were silent for the first 5 min or so, and then a song came to mind...Holy Holy Holy. So I started to hum the song and Neil joined in. Every time I took a breath, he started in on his part. He never raised his head, he never loosened his grip around me and I didn't move from my spot for 20 min. It was a God given moment that I have always wanted, but didn't know I was missing! My son wanted me to hold him, love him, sing to him and just let him know that he was the most important thing to me at that moment, nothing else mattered. (not even my aching back!!)

So since then, Neil and I have had a few more of these moments...not as long....I don't think my back could hold up....but moments of holding each other.

Isn't is amazing that God gives us our inner desires even when we think that what we have is enough. God says, "I have BETTER for you." I thought the love Neil has been giving us has been enough and great, but that 20 min holding him and Neil holding me back showed me that I should never think that God can not give me better. He only wants the BEST for us and he gave me that with a hug from my son!