Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 19th months Neil!!!

Mommy, Daddy and I went to Smiley Hollow this Sunday night with our church. It was our first 'Family' outing and we had a blast!!!!

Mommy, Daddy and I went on a hay ride pulled by a tractor! Yup...daddy's allergies went CRAZY!!

Daddy and I looking at all the great things on the hay ride!

Hum....what is that big blue cotton looking thing???

Daddy...are your allergies going to be OK on the hay ride??

Nope!! I smile enough...I am not smiling for this picture!!

Cool!! What is this??

Mommy said that I can eat it...OK...I'll give it a try!!

Here goes nothing!!!

Muuuummmmm!! This is AMAZING!!!

Can I eat ALL of it...I wonder what will happen if I do? Maybe it will give me more energy!!

Mommy....take me off of this smelly thing!! I only ride my doggies!!

Thanks mom...I feel better now!

Nope...still not smiling!

Mommy and Daddy and I went on our first picnic and I think there was a gnat in my food!!

Check out my shades!

This is some of Mommy's BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) group from last year..they all loved on me and we had BBQ for lunch! Thanks Miss Brielle, Ashley, Nesha, Jennifer and Catherine!!! You were a blast to hang out with!

This is my dog Pebbles and I love to climb on her and read her dog tags. She loves me even though she is not smiling in this picture!

I have just figured out that if I lay on my belly and read my book, it is soooo much more fun!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Coming Home Pictures!!

Remember that first family picture that we posted??? At the airport??? The one of the 2 grandma's and Coby I and the 'Ever So Sweet' baby Neil Hollis???

Well....... we have more!!!

If you want to see all the pictures from the airport taken by an AMAZING Photographer Tom...then check it out!! And if you see any you like...go ahead and make a purchase!

Coby and I decided to have a photographer there at the airport for a few reasons. Being in the photography 'stuff' myself...I really felt that capturing this moment RIGHT was very important to me. Also, Coby and I wanted to remember this GREAT GREAT moment forever and we wanted to be able to share it with EVERYONE who had prayed for us and walked this VERY LONG road with us!! To say it best...ALL OF YOU!

Enjoy them and you might want tissue near by...I did!

Click this: http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/ThumbAccess.aspx?e=4217715
If you are asked for a password: neil hollis (make sure there is a space between the names)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures!!!

Our Family!!! (as Neil sees them)
Mamaw, Cousin Emi, Grandpa, Cousin Becca, Aunt Lucy (baby to be??), Cousin Olivia, Uncle Dean, Aunt Silvia, Cousin Wesley, Mommy, Daddy, 'Me', Uncle Michael, Aunt Dana, Cousin Ben, Uncle Wes, Cousin Hunter, Softa

Neil LOVED his cousin's pool in San Diego!!! He didn't want to get out!!

Neil surprised his 90 year old Great Grandpa Hollis and Great Grandma Thelma. We just showed up at their door! They couldn't believe it!! And yes, there were tears! (notice my short-short hair!!!!!)

Neil wearing GG Hollis' Cowboy hat!

Seriously mom....no more pictures!!!

Neil's cousin Hunter is 9mo. old and weighs 25 pounds!!! Neil is just under 23!!! Neil taught Hunter how to crawl and it was sooooo cute! We have named them Quarterback Neil and Center Hunter!

Mamaw giving Neil cookies!

These are my two brothers and their families! Now with Neil there are 7 grand children and one on the way!!!

Emi (4 1/2), Ben (4 1/2), Wesley (6 1/2)
Olivia (2), Hunter (9 mo.), Becca (2 1/2), Neil (18 mo.)

We took the lemon away from Neil... my mom told me that I used to cry in all my pictures!

My brother Wes' 4 kids and Neil.

Hunter...9mo. Neil.......18mo. double the age, half the size!

Olivia and Emi playing in a big box of Grandma's pinto beans!!!

Neil and Daddy....I love this picture!

Neil loving on Oma and Opa's new puppies!!!

Uncle Michale, Aunt Dana, Oma, Opa, Daddy, Mommy and Me! This is Coby's family!

Neil's cousin Ben walked in and Neil walked up to him and held him and looked at him and would not let him go. It was very very cute! Uncle Dean is sooooooooo strong!!

Neil meeting Grandpa for the first time. Neil LOVED him! He always wanted to play with him and sit with him and talk with him........just look at the pictures, they tell you everything!

Great Uncle Moe from Colorado sent Neil a 5 foot giraffe for his nursery! Neil loved to look at him and pet him and is not scared of him one bit! Thanks Great Uncle Moe!!!

Love these!!!