Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our friends got their court date!!!

(see picture in last post of Kevin and Hope)

They were given their court date and they leave for Russia on December 18!! Coby and I have still not heard anything yet....but we are still praying that God will send us with Kevin and Hope. They have been such a blessing and a source of encouragement to us, that we can't imagine going without them. We met them in the business center of our hotel in Nofdgkzfjgz (still don't know how to spell it) right after they met their 9 month old twin boys!! We ended up spending most of our time together and flew back to Moscow on the same flight. All that to say that we met on the other side of the world, but know that it was God that brought us together as friends for life!

Matthew 7:7 says that we are to ASK God for the desire of our heart and Seek Him and Knock on His door and He will give us the desire of our hearts. This is my desire that Coby and I will bring our baby home before Christmas and that we will travel over with Kevin and Hope.

Coby and I are so excited just in the fact that court dates are being set before and during our Christmas. What more wonderful of a gift for Coby and I.....to have our baby home before Christmas!

Please keep praying that God will send us now! And we will let you know if we hear anything this week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Couples Shower....

SS Neil Hollis cake that Sarah made


Yvette- Karen-Jenny-Hope-me-Katie-Sarah Cheers!!!

Sarah and Michael

Jonny-Jimmy-Coby-Kevin-Michael-Brian (need I say more???)

Jenny and Jonny

Brian and Yvette

Hope and Kevin

Katie and Jimmy


This passed Saturday night our friends Sarah, Michael, Jenny, Jonny, Yvette and Brian threw us a couples shower. It was a time to celebrate that we are parents.....we just don't have our baby home yet. It was a great time and the food and games were so much fun.

The 3 couples that threw the shower Coby and I met in Colorado on a ski trip earlier this year. We had a blast and from that trip Coby and I have developed friends that we will have for a life time...and longer. They all live close by to us and it's wonderful having them just a quick drive away!! Sarah, Jenny and Yvette....you 3 truly are my sisters in Christ! I can't imagine going through this adoption without the 3 of you!

Our friends Kevin and Hope from Kentucky, who we met in Russia in our hotel......were able to make the shower as well. They are adopting twin boys from the same region we are. How God sent is that!!?? We met them in the business center of the hotel we were staying in and the 4 of us were together until we returned home. We are all praying that we will be granted a court date at the same time and be able to travel back together. How wonderful that would be!!!

Our other friends Jimmy and Katie we know from living in Hendersonville. They live right next door to our "15th" home. They are wonderful and Coby and I always have a blast with them on their boat, or just hanging out with them. They had a baby boy last year and he is only a month younger then Neil.....so I can already see best friends developing!!!

Our friends Carrie and Michael stopped in (see their blog for their story). They are adopting from Russia as well. We have gotten to know them and have spent time encouraging each other with our waiting time!! They are a wonderful couple and our prayers and thoughts are always with them during their adoption.

Aaron and Crystal from our church that we go to also came by and it was great seeing them!! Crystal is going to be having a baby in the spring (a boy as well!!) and they gave us a beautiful prayer for our baby that was very heart felt and we thank them so much for that. (It too is my prayer for Neil) And Gary stooped by as well....just in time for a whipped cream bubble blowing contest. You know....find the gum in the whip cream and then blow a bubble.....but you can't use your hands in finding the gum in the whipped cream. Those pictures are quite funny!!! Coby is going to be working with Gary very soon....and we both are very honored to know him and I know Coby is super excited about working with him in real estate.

Coby's co-worker Karen showed up with her one year old twins Jack and Oliver so we could get a little taste of what parenting will be about. Our friends Hope and Kevin who are adopting the 1 year old twin boys really had fun watching them and getting a glimpse of what they have to look forward too!!! Karen, thanks for 'keeping it real!'

Well.......there you have it. We got so much stuff and had the best time ever! Isn't it a blessing when you can look around and see all your friends that God has brought into your life.....and know that it was by His grace alone, that we have these friends. Each and everyone of them was brought into our life for a reason, and we are so grateful for that. You all hold such tender spots in our hearts! Thank you for a shower and a time that we...as parents already.....will never forget!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

4 weeks and waiting...

Just wanted to give everyone an update......

Here is the update....there is no update.....

Wish we could tell you we have some news, but none at this point. Coby and I are doing well and we are staying busy until we get the call.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We will let you know as soon as we know anything.

Love to all Coby and Brandy