Monday, January 26, 2009

Sanctity of Life Service

Yesterday..Coby, I and Neil were apart of a very special ceremony at our church. It was the Sanctity of Life Service. It is once a year that our church recognizes the Right to Life. They ask all the families who have adopted or if they themselves have been adopted to come up on the stage at church.
We were very honored to walk in first of at least 30 families. We held a candle representing Neil's life. We are VERY VERY grateful to God for our son and ALL his blessings!
We are also very grateful to a young lady in a very small town called Novokuznetsk, Russia that decided to give birth to Neil. In her eyes he might have been a mistake. But in our eyes, he is a miracle!
Thank you to those people out there that fight for the right of every living soul. It is because of a choice of life, we have our beautiful healthy handsome blessing...we have our Neil.

Mothers by adoption....

Daddy and Neil waiting to walk in

Almost ready

Neil LOVED the music and at one point started swaying back and forth to it
At the end of the song, the church stood and clapped for us. Neil thought he would join in with the clapping and gave them all his cute smile!

It is with this life that I am most grateful and humbled to have and hold. Thank you God, for my wonderful husband and my sweet sweet son!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in California & First Hair Cut!!

Thought I might start by saying that I bought Coby season one for Christmas and we watched it on the plane ride to Cali and laughed so hard that Christmas morning I was given this as my Christmas gift from Coby...... hummm do you think there was a hidden agenda somewhere??

Our First California at my parents house

Neil and Daddy

On the plane to Cali!! Neil did great! We left so early we left his PJ's on him

Neil and Mommy

Christmas in Nashville the Saturday night before Christmas

Neil's first hair cut. I had my hair stylist cut his hair for the first time because KC cut my hair when I was 13 for the first time. YUP!! My mom let me grow my hair out past my bottom and then gave me a bob when I turned 13!! KC and Sherri (her co-worker) has cut my hair ever since! Thanks KC...Neil looks great!!
The before look....

He sat in Coby's lap the entire time and LOVED it!! I think at one point he almost fell asleep it felt sooooo good!

Yes...he has his finger in his nose..whatever works!
All gone. We kept it a little long...but the mullet look got cut off
Neil, Daddy, KC and Mommy!! Thanks again KC!

Playing with his toy that Uncle Wes and Aunt Silvia gave him. It was a Nerf rocket launcher and he loved it!!!
Out to lunch with Mamaw and Grandpa...real California Mexican food.
Neil left milk, cookies and a note for Santa. Of course on the BEST plate ever!! Did anyone see the Rose Bowl game yesterday??

Grandma helping Neil pull his cars from underneath the furniture.
Christmas morning!!
Neil helped Grandpa open his weed whacker
Oh ya...that was fun getting home

Daddy got mommy reindeer antlers....very funny

Looking good Christmas day

Great Grandpa Hollis.. Neil gave him a pocket watch with a fire truck on it and engraved with his name. GG Hollis is a retired Fireman from LA.
Grandpa and Mamaw and Neil!! Thanks for letting us come for my first Christmas!!