Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This made me smile today!!

This picture is of Neil's 3 blankets. "Yellow", "Green" and "Blue" (that's what he calls them)

These blankets are about $4 and they are yucky and have holes in them. But the greatest thing about these are that they smell like Neil and for a's the sweetest smell in the world!

Anyway....since we have brought him home these are the blankets he loves. Not the fluffy, soft, hand made or expensive ones...but these.

Until today!!
He was upset and crying due to just being disciplined by mommy...yup he's not perfect! He walks in the office and had this blanket:

This is the first thing that I made Neil.

I have made him many things since then...but I made this and brought it to Russia with us hoping he would love it. It sits upstairs on one of his chairs and he really has not shown any interest in it until today. He has not let it go. He has been walking around all day holding it and sucking his fingers and rubbing it on his face and loving it!! It made me so excited.

I's silly, but it made me smile to see him enjoy something so much that I made especially for him with lots of love!
Thought Aunt Dana, Uncle Michael, Oma and Opa might like this picture. He still sleeps with and loves his turtle!!!
Kate....he loves his pillow!!

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Amy said...

WOW, I cannot believe that those are his favorite Jason who is 4 now has those same blankets and could care less about any others. He calls them his "stinky blankets". He loves the smell and wont let me wash them-yuck!!! I love blanket boys-so cute!!!