Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Pictures

Since pictures are what I love most!!!! We have more! We had pictures taken a few weeks ago for Neil's second birthday. Also, since Coby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage...we had a few taken of just the two of us. We went back to Uchida Photography and Tom who took our coming home pictures, took these as well.
go to proofing and the password is "neil hollis"

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I thought I would do a separate blog just of the "before" Elmo and "after" Elmo. Neil LOVED LOVED LOVED Elmo!!!

Neil's first sight at Elmo!!

Neil ran to Elmo!

kiss kiss!!

then the other kids joined in!

Elmo dancing!

Neil dancing with Elmo!

Some of the kids!

Elmo and Barb

Elmo and Safta Datya

Elmo and Kevin

Bubble time!!!

My wonderful friends..Barb and her daughter Sarah and Hopie!

and Jenny another wonderful friend!!

Neil loves kisses from the girls!

My sweet friend Meredith who I met on my trip to Moldova and has been with me every step of the way! You are a God sent!

By the time we opened presents, Neil was sucking his fingers and ready for a nap!

Great Uncle Moe sent him a cool 4 wheeler!!!
and Kevin and Hopie and Sam and Clay gave him a great table!!!

a bag of wonderful goodies from Uncle Wes, Silvia, Wesley, Emi, Becca and Hunter!!!

Probably the most special gift of the day came from Neil's 4 cousins from San Diego. They each made him a hand made card and taped a $1 in each one from their own money so Neil could go get an ice cream! That was sooooo sweet of them! Thank you Wesley, Emilia, Rebecca and Hunter!